Sunday, March 27, 2011

On Wisconsin

No, this is not the fight song for the UW. This is about the fighting going on in Wisconsin. I debated with myself about whether to weigh in on this. Obviously I decided to. I am not Republican, nor Democrat. I vote people and issues. I have voted Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarian, and Green. I am not spoon fed what to think and how to vote by slick marketing spin doctors, nor self righteous leaders of political parties. I think for myself. So, with this said here I go.

This is for ALL of our elected state leaders. First, go back to Kindergarten! Learn to share and play well with others. Running away to try and get your way is not really the way to work the system. You abdicate your responsibility of representing those who elected you to have a voice in Madison. On the other hand, deciding how to do an end run while half your team is absent is just plain poor sportsmanship. Yes, it can be done….but why?

Second, Go back to High school and re-take Civics class. Remember this is a participatory democracy. That means to participate! All of you, for the betterment of all of us! It also means to remember the adage “Of the people, by the people.” Not of the Republicans for the Republicans, or of the Democrats by the Democrats! When political agendas subjugate the democratic process we are all in trouble. This isn’t happening only in Wisconsin either. Look how often you are defined by what news channel you watch! Yikes!

Finally, this is for Governor Walker. Lead by leading. Not by intimidation and threats. If you want people to trust and follow you, set the example. For example, move out of the Governor’s Mansion (this has been done before) and into a 2 bedroom apartment (maybe this hasn’t). Give up the servants, the cooks, and the people who do your laundry and live like the rest of us. Pay yourself $1 for the first year of your term. If you want the rest of us to tighten the belt and make concessions, then try doing this yourself. I think you would get far more cooperation and respect.

In closing, let’s not loose sight of one very important oft ignored issue. Politics aside, we must look at how we are treating one another. Using this time to point the finger, give the finger, blame, accuse, and use violent and aggressive language towards one another is extremely divisive and unbecoming. Exciting apprehension and anger is a serious symptom of people reacting out of fear and feeling out of control. As if their voice do not matter. Is this what we really want? Changes have to be made, no doubt. But, to scare people into submission just is not the way to do it. Neither is to retaliate out of hostility. We are a state (and a nation) seriously divided. We must remember the bigger picture. We have a precious Democracy to protect. We are all in this together, and it will take all of us together to get through these difficult times.