Friday, May 9, 2014

Be a good consumer!


I hear so many people discuss their experiences with their healthcare provider.

Often they are frustrated because they do not feel they are being listened to, understood, respected, too quickly given medications among other things.

When I ask if they bring up their concerns to their provider unanimously they respond "No! OH! I couldn't say anything like this to my doctor."

So I began thinking: : Hey! Wait just a moment here, whose running the show?

For decades the medical profession maintained the position of being the authority, in charge, what you hand your healthcare over to.

Just take a moment to consider this:

As soon as you walk into a healthcare facility you are hiring THEM!

Yes that is right they are YOUR employees! You are paying them for their skill and resources. No different than if you were to hire someone to put an addition on to your house.

Would you put up with not being listened to? Respected? given something you did not really want from your builder?


So why do we accept this with one of the most important purchases we make....our healthcare?


Remember you are hiring them. Expect your employees to what you ask of them with respect and with good listening and understanding.

Be well!